College Pizza Restaurant

Photos shot with iPhone #nofilter

Sammy G’s Pizza should be a textbook example of a restaurant that does so many things right! Their first big success is correct and successful concept for location. They are near SJSU in San Jose and have a total fun menu and appeal for college students. The big outdoor patio is a fun gathering place! But they don’t stop there!

They let the patrons make their own pizzas, which results in much social media success and exposure with the conconctions!

The titles and varieties of the pizzas are second to none! Mother Cluckers is a BBQ chicken pizza while Bahn Mi Love features Vietnamese ingredients. Farmers Market pizza with fresh veggies was my favorite!

And there is a breakfast section with eggs on pizzas called Wakey Bakey to capture the same customers for another meal period!

Plus they have invented totchos, which are potato tot nachos. And their buffalo wings have crispy carrots in the little fryer basket that serves them. This is so simple but a very great presentation!

They also have daily specials that rotate through their menu and are posted up front. An LED panel shows photos throughout the business hours.

Their pizza box that is used for all to go and delivery app orders has their branding and URL.

Bravo! No wonder they are busy with a great Yelp score!