Use a Thermometer for the Most Beautiful Meals

How did we get this turkey so crisp and juicy?

With a thermometer!

It’s amazing how beautiful your food can look when you cook it to the proper temperature, and a thermometer is an essential tool for ensuring that nothing gets over- or undercooked.

Now, on to the bigger question: why was I cooking a turkey in April?

I’ve just finished the photos for Konnected Widgets, a company whose mission is to “create affordable connected devices for the masses that solve real world challenges and drive user engagement.”

One of my favorite devices is their thermometer.

I took the photos for this site and created an elegant kitchen theme with an Italian white marble slab. Then I threw in filtered natural light with sculpted shadows and reflected highlights to complete the ambiance.

I want to wish Zin Thein Kyaw and his team much success with their great thermometer — it really is fantastic. To learn more about this great kitchen resource (and see more of my photos), visit