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Shooting Restaurant Menus

A tour of expressionfood.com includes my creative Still Life portfolio along with the shots of over 150 restaurants here in California in the SF bay area and in LA. I have styled all of the shots using the ingredients, vessels, and tools of each restaurant so it is truly an expression of their work. Many of the chefs have collaborated on the shoots. My biggest payment is to see their smile when they look at the back of my camera.

Restaurants have to market themselves so many ways now in our digital era. Some of the best tactics include getting on delivery app platforms, using TVs in the restaurant to create a branded, custom marketing channel with menu items and services, social media, videos, direct mail, Google CPC, blogging, website menus, and emailing. There has never been a more important time for restaurants to show their best work in professional photos and I am so happy to be of service.

Here is one shoot that was done in 1.5 hours! This was made possible by styling one scene and by the whole staff of the restaurant being so prepared.

The background board was designed by me. I used burned wood from a hike in Big Basin to digitally paint a black, burned wood background. It really sets off the beautiful colors of the Indian food. I have a whole series of background boards that I have designed for restaurants. This is a new restaurant called Konaseema Kitchen that is opening in Fremont.