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Honey, you are so sweet!

I just finished an amazing social media photograph deck for Kate Seymour, of “Hey, Red” for Pacific Resources International. The best part about the project was learning about the amazing health benefits of Manuka honey and all of the things you can do with it.

This is my second project with Kate and I love working with her because she is so good at developing a look and color scheme for a brand, listing her photo needs, and communicating great feedback.

Our process was simple. Kate and the PRI team developed a Pinterest Board of all of their favorite photos about honey so I could instantly see what they liked. Kate described the brand colors which set us up for success with a cohesive deck. And then we developed a google spreadsheet for the whole team to list all of the items to be photographed, along with the props, special notes, and combinations. One of her best ideas was to use honey and the PRI margarita salt in the margarita – YUMMY! I developed the recipe list and recipes, curated the props, received and prepared the products, and then got to work in my studio to give them their own unique photo creations, using their product, tastes, brand style, and colors. I loved working with their team and products so much that I delivered double the photos required!

I came up with many ways to use the Manuka honey along with their New Zealand certified fleur de sel salt mixtures including: infusions, teas, toasts, ice creams, smoothies, pancakes, and much more! Take a look at how my studio styled and shot all of their delicious products and came up with recipes and photos for their social media channels:

All items are shot with my new Phase One technical camera for superb focus, resolution, and color! It is my best work so far!

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