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New work and highlights

The summer is off to a great start! I have shot almost 200 restaurants to date since the inception of Expression Food.

Here is my new portfolio book (pdf download)

And an gallery of the latest work and highlights (gallery view)

I have styled all of the shoots to match the voice and unique selling point for each client. I love working with food so every shoot always feels like an artistic adventure and a challenge.

Here are some favorites from my most recent shoots. I would love to do yours. Click here and tell me how I can help!


A tour of menu shoots – highlights

A successful photoshoot for a restaurant does not have to be fancy. It just has to have a little bit of heart and soul. If the staff is engaged and working as a team to make the dishes and the work is neat, it looks great!

This taqueria really struck me as being down to earth yet stellar in service. The whole crew worked to ensure the food was cooked right and that the plates looked their very best.

Check them out!

Of course we can get fancy, too!


Cooked to order takes on a whole new meaning!

Hummus is always varied and always a favorite!

And tandoori never disappoints with its beautiful spices and color: