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Retouching Food Photos

The goal of every one of our photo sessions is to make every detail so perfect that you do not need to retouch. There is nothing like outputting the perfect shot with little effort. It is easier for us, cheaper for the client, and the image makes us all so happy when it pops!

The motto is always the same, “do not PLAN to PhotoShop.” It takes more time to photoshop a splatter of gravy off of a plate than it does to change or wipe the plate.

The aspects of every photo shoot that can be controlled are composition, light, style, and neatness. Neatness can never be over-stated. We keep cloths for little spills and encourage and use gloves to avoid fingerprints on glass surfaces. Any surface that is shiny has to have extra care. And black plates also have to have extra care because while they are beautiful they often show every scratch and spill.

But sometimes there are things out of everyone’s control that are not perfect. Like an exit sign over a beautiful table or a big metal oven bar that doesn’t look right next to a golden roasted chicken in a rotisserie oven shot. Some windows cannot be cleaned on site because no one can reach them and they did not think to call the cleaner. And metal always looks old unless it is brand new. Glass gets extra reflection marks because we cannot use polarization film on every light source. Takeout bags or containers sometimes have tiny dents or wrinkles and they need a little smoothing. The chicken was roasted perfectly but one of the drumsticks is missing a patch of skin. You filled all 15 of the beer glasses to show off your new IPA beer bar and the colors are gorgeous in the frosted glasses but just one of the glasses has a fingerprint near the bottom and no one saw it. Such is the life of working on location in a live restaurant! We have fixed all of these easily! We have you covered.

It is good to know that our retouching skills for food are stellar so when they are needed in situations like these so you will have your very best shot!

Here are some examples of our retouching skills as before and after:

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