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Honey, you are so sweet!

I just finished an amazing social media photograph deck for Kate Seymour, of “Hey, Red” for Pacific Resources International. The best part about the project was learning about the amazing health benefits of Manuka honey and all of the things you can do with it.

This is my second project with Kate and I love working with her because she is so good at developing a look and color scheme for a brand, listing her photo needs, and communicating great feedback.

Our process was simple. Kate and the PRI team developed a Pinterest Board of all of their favorite photos about honey so I could instantly see what they liked. Kate described the brand colors which set us up for success with a cohesive deck. And then we developed a google spreadsheet for the whole team to list all of the items to be photographed, along with the props, special notes, and combinations. One of her best ideas was to use honey and the PRI margarita salt in the margarita – YUMMY! I developed the recipe list and recipes, curated the props, received and prepared the products, and then got to work in my studio to give them their own unique photo creations, using their product, tastes, brand style, and colors. I loved working with their team and products so much that I delivered double the photos required!

I came up with many ways to use the Manuka honey along with their New Zealand certified fleur de sel salt mixtures including: infusions, teas, toasts, ice creams, smoothies, pancakes, and much more! Take a look at how my studio styled and shot all of their delicious products and came up with recipes and photos for their social media channels:

All items are shot with my new Phase One technical camera for superb focus, resolution, and color! It is my best work so far!

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Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse Perfection

If there is one key to success for a food photo shoot, it has to be planning. Planning and preparation save time and create perfection in a shoot on location.

Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse prides itself on creating a culinary journey to Brazil with their food and service. Quality and dedication is found in every step they make. I met with them before the shoot so I could fully understand their process and see their facility. I am very glad that I set aside time to do this because it really made a difference in executing the shoot. I was able to see everything they had done in the past, all of the new items and ideas they wanted in the shoot, and the story they wanted to share that sets them apart from their competition.

They have a gourmet bar that features many delicious salads from tomato-mozzarella-basil to salmon, potato salad, roasted beets, mango julienne, melons, prosciutto, breads, cheeses, roasted tomatoes, and salumi. We were able to brainstorm the best way to show the entire bar in photos so that the layers and visible planes are optimized for the viewer. The camera’s eye always has to be engaged! I was able to balance natural light with the light of my strobes.

There are many areas of the restaurant from an intimate couple’s table to a four top to a banquet table and all were shown in the best way. We used models to create a group dining experience on camera with great success.

The festive traditions for Brazilian meats start in the kitchen and were captured digitally but they also quickly come out to the table where diners can choose their favorites and we caught every menu item in the images. The breads are so unique and tasty and always perfect in texture. Diners can choose many drinks from beer on tap to wine, Champagne, or Brazilian favorites made with rum and fruit or mint or lime. The servers are very dedicated and quick on their feet. The restaurant is clean, gorgeous, and organized. The food is delicious. It is easy to provide a memorable journey to Brazil to the guests when you do everything right!

We planned every shot and made a full list of what we wanted to shoot and how we were going to do it. The shooting day went off without a hitch and every shot helped tell the story and show the advantages of this restaurant. The staff knew what to expect and they helped with every step.

The food is perfectly prepared and plated. The restaurant closed for lunch so it was easy to work the entire space and get each shot right without disturbing guests. The meat was cooked to perfection and each dessert was plated like a 5 star masterpiece. The drinks were varied and created with ease on a clean and up to date bar. The staff was engaged and on point for each task. The shoot unfolded with ease as we went from each area and scene for the restaurant. Everything is so naturally clean, organized, and authentic that it is easy to tell a great story! And we ended up with over 1000 photos for a one day shoot. They are output to two galleries, one for print and one for web, email, and social media.

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